a bit of a flare up…

I think almost everyone in the turfgrass industry was grateful for the rain over the week or so, but life is never perfect and it does bring some problems as well. The warmer temperatures, humidity and now moisture has really helped but seems to have kicked off another outbreak of disease…the question is do we spray or grow it out. Well its not for me to say, but about looking at the risk, weighing it up and making the right call..tough times with members keen to get out and play and bigger comps starting to get going.

Anyway, just a quick post as I saw this little graphic whilst working this morning showing that whatever decision you choose, try to as best you can, look forward, see what is coming and if you can get applications down early enough it is always much better. The changes in fungicides we think are going to come are going to mean you need to do this more and more.

We did this work with the STRI and it shows if you can get preventative applications down they work so much better.










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