Play Fantasy Football League – And Win

Most of you that know me know I’m passionate about my football, and the joys (and frustrations) that the beloved West Ham United bring me week in, week out. It’s one of the reasons I love visiting football grounds and talking to the incredible teams that manage them.

But do you think you’ve got what it takes to beat me as a Football Manager?

Fantasy Football League

This year we’ve sponsored the Pitchcare Fantasy Football League, with the chance to win a share of the £1000 prize money.

I’ve already got my team selected, but with the new Premier League Season set to kick-off on Friday there’s still time to register and get yourself in the competition.

If you’re already playing FFL and have a team, contact Pitchcare to get an entry code and simply add your team into the competition.

Pick the players you think will win the League, but remember – always select Instrata Elite to stay top of the table for turf quality and playability.

And, anyone who can beat my Syngenta Instrata Elite Team at the final whistle will get a free microfibre sports towel!

Play Hard; Play Fair – And may the Top Team WIN

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