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Turf Science Live once again proved to be a fantastic opportunity to meet up with so many great people. It’s always exciting to share what we have been doing in the field of trials and research – especially when we have something new and exciting with the launch of Instrata Elite.

1024 x 576 - TSL visitors at IE launch

And it’s really rewarding when it’s in the format of TSL, with small groups,  including some of the top turf managers, looking at the live presentations. They’re certainly not afraid to question and probe into what’s presented. It gives the chance to talk about their experiences and dig into the detail of what’s needed to help get better results – which everyone gets to learn from.

You can watch a video of what we got up to and some comments from those involved here:

TSL video screen 1

This year we had an interesting mix of sports turf managers, along with golf course managers. That brought a new dynamic and skills into the discussions. For me one of the great things from the day was that, whilst the end playing surface and the management techniques are often different, there is a huge level of commonality and similar pressures to be dealt with where both groups could take a lot of learning from each other.

TSL video screen 4

I’ve got to, once again, say a huge thanks to Lee Strutt and everyone at the Royal Automobile Club, who put on a truly immense day and evening for us.

If you get the chance to come along to one of Turf Science Live events in the future, be sure to grab the opportunity.

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