Communication is key

I am lucky I get to see meet many golf course managers. There are so many good guys out there with so much passion and great knowledge. From my point of view the one thing which set many of the very best ones apart is not the agronomy knowledge, machinery skills or irrigation or the countless other things you have to be able to do as a GCM but … its the ability to communicate effectively.

Guys that can do this well ….. tend to get great support from the membership because they understand the problems, maybe get what machinery or cap ex they need, get more staff or get great results from their guys and girls. Now im not saying this is the be all and end all, but it really helps and in todays society and there are so many ways in which you can achieve this with modern technology, but also can be achieved by spending time in the clubhouse or during a presentation .

Like a Tarrantino movie .. ill just skip to another point quickly (hopefully it will all join up at the end)

This autumn we have had so many questions about how to get the best from Rescue and hopefully everyone has great success. It is a project where you really need to get everyone on board and explain why you are doing it and what the benefits and more importantly…what the short term problems might be.

so to tie this all together…

Below is the first in a series of excellent videos that James Bledge Golf Course Manager at RCP has produced for his members to show how the Rescue work on the fairways is going to benefit the surfaces in the long term and how they are doing it …. I don’t want to give to much away.

Its communication which is key, both for us at Syngenta and also for James and his members. We all want the same thing, which is an awesome playing surface and if the members understand the process…some wont care or not agree and you have to accept that I think…but the quality of this kind of work is really worth it.

Also for those of you who are thinking about applying Rescue this is a great resource to help anyone …I for one look forward to following the progress!

Also very impressed with the roaming mic work, James well done…a cap ex investment which will pay dividends!! đŸ™‚







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