Dynamic disease control – Pitchcare feature

Pitchcare feature

You might have seen the great feature my colleague, Marcela Munoz, wrote in the latest issue of the mighty tome that is Pitchcare. It’s all about Dynamic disease control, and the actions that you need to take to tackle the various life-cycle stages of pathogen infections that are typically present in turf surfaces at any one time.

She highlights the importance of an Integrated approach to turf management, where your skills and experience can have a real impact in preventing disease infection in the first place – and stopping it developing in the plant.

But she also gives a valuable insight into when you might need to support that with a fungicide application, along with how that might work and the choices that need to be made.

I think it’s a really good piece to read and understand. So, if you haven’t yet made it all the way through your issue of Pitchcare – and there’s so much in it that it can take several weeks – we’ve put a copy of the article on GreenCast for you to read – click here for the link

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