Great days at STRI Research

1024 x 576 - Tom Young presents at STRI Research 2017

The STRI site in Bingley has got to be one of the most fascinating places to visit at any time, with so many things going on and inspirational people to talk to looking at new and better ways to manage turf more effectively.

And when you add in several hundred progressive turf mangers from golf, football, rugby and other sports facilities – along with forward thinking people from across the industry – it makes STRI Research a really exciting event.

I’ve spent the past couple of days really enjoy seeing people’s reactions to some of the new ideas on show, and hearing how they might think to use them in their own day-to-day decisions.  It’s never going to be everything for everyone every-time, but often there’s just a nugget that triggers an idea that will turn into something new in the future.

If those thoughts are seeding ideas for the future, it was topical to see my colleague, Marcela Munoz, along with STRI’s brilliant Dr Tom Young, presenting the latest stage of research work there looking at fungicide application timing and techniques to improve seedling survival and get surfaces back in play faster.

I024 x 1365 - Instrata Elite - 6 lha 2nd leaf stage

The comments and detail people wanted to hear, both in the presentation and discussion after, showed it’s a real issue for both  greenkeepers and groundsmen when there’s immense pressure to get surfaces restored. And typically less time to do it every year.

Marcela has put more of her comments and advice on the GreenCast website (click to review), but do get in touch with me if you want any more details.

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