Rewarding Times

Turf Rewards 2018 mr

The ICL team has put together some brilliant new Ultimate Packages for the 2018 season.

The great think is that they are agronomically really sound that will deliver excellent results for reliable turf quality, and they offer really good value for money.

You’ll also find the packages carry Turf Reward points, so you not only get the right nutrition and products to promote turf health, but you can then claim the points against a whole range of tools that can improve your Integrated Turf Management – as well as to measure your success.

So many people I caught up with at BTME were talking about the tools they’ve got through Turf Rewards and how useful they find them. There’s a bigger range of things available than ever, so make sure you claim your points and look at what you want to spend.

There’s even an App now, so you can keep track of your Rewards and count up the points. Find out more on the Turf Rewards website.

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