Phew what a scorcher – block out the UV


What an incredible weekend for full on sunshine, which is set to last all week. You can almost hear the Clegg Hammers bouncing as surfaces firm up, rather than a soft dull thud!

I spent Saturday basking in the sun at The Centurion Club near St Albans, for the GolfSixes. And whilst there was plenty of slipslapslop of sun cream, there were still some very red bodies that wouldn’t have looked out of place as a lobster in the corporate hospitality dining!

Just reminded me that we have to take care of everyone working outside on the course to avoid sunburn and the harmful UV rays. The BBC website had an interesting piece at the weekend with some tips and information on the effects of too much sun, which you can read here.

Also set me thinking that too much sun and penetrating UV rays that damage skin cells must be having an effect on turf grass too. We’ve been looking at this in real detail over the past year or so, to see how they cope with these increasing hot sunny conditions in on courses in the US. It’s fascinating technology that we really hope to have more widely available here too.

GolfSixes - Matt Nutter

The Centurion Club course presentation was amazing where Andy Garland and the team had done a brilliant job after all the wet weather with a late spring. They’ve brought the course up to playing superbly so quickly, and it looked amazing under the inspection of all the Sky TV cameras.

Loved the fun format of the GolfSixes event – and looking forward to playing there next week, when we’re meeting up with some of the guys who have been trying out the new sun block product and getting their feedback on how its performed over recent months and particularly through this hot spell.


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