Glenn Kirby – This is me….

1024 x 576 - Glenn Kirby 3This is a great chance to introduce myself and go through a little bit of my background:

I’m a self proclaimed turf geek with a long history in turf management. As a child I  started out looking after our Village Cricket teams square with my Dad and my hobby soon evolved into a small business as I managed a few cricket pitches and football pitches whilst going through secondary school.

My interest in turf management took me through college and once qualified out to work in Europe, America and around the UK.

There have been a few pivotal moments in my Career which have had a profound impact on my development. One was being accepted to undertake the Ohio State Turf program where I was privileged to work at both Westchester Country Club and Oak Hill where I helped in preparation for some major golfing events including the Buick Classic and the 2003 PGA Championship. My time in the USA was also spent studying under Dr Karl Danneberger which ignited my passion for understanding the interactions between turf and its environment.

On my return from the USA I worked as the Assistant Courses Manager at the London Golf Club for 9 years. Once again a period of time that had a large impact on my career.

Hockley Golf Club

My most recent role has been as the Course and Estate Manager at Hockley Golf club in the South Of England. This fantastic members club offered me a a great chance

to manage turf under all the real pressures of a “normal” golfing environment.



My true passion has always lied in understanding turfs relationship with its environment and an opportunity to work with Syngenta at this very exciting time of change in the industry was too good a chance to miss. My first two weeks have been a complete culture change from the Greenkeeping Facility environment that I’ve experienced for the last 25 years but its proving to be very exciting too.


I’ll be using this blog in the future to communicate my thoughts, experiences, updates and any other news that I come across on my travels.



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