Last chance for Rescue clean up

Green and surround cleaned with Rescue lr

The end of June 2018 is the last opportunity to purchase Rescue. This unique Herbicide has had unparalleled impact on golf courses across the UK – exemplified by the work of Paul Larson at Royal St George in Kent (pictured above).

I’ve used this product a number of times in my career to deal with challenges. My biggest (and bravest) experience was a wholesale application to our greens at Hockley GC. The greens where a unfriendly blend of Rye, Bent and Poa when I started and Rescue allowed me to clean out the Ryegrass and gave me room to overseed with Bent to establish a Bent/Poa sward. This was far easier to manage than the mix I’d inherited and was the beginning of unlocking their potential. The product support from Syngenta was excellent and without the Identification pack provided I’m not sure I’d have had the confidence to do it.

Rescue treated vs untreated - lr

After many trials areas in our diverse and species rich wild grasses of (theoretically) out-of-play rough, we settled out on a program of applications in denser areas of grassland that were regularly visited by golfers looking for golf balls. This was a win-win for both our golfers and and environmentally, as we opened up the sward allowing the native calcareous soil loving plants to fill in the gaps. I’d loved to have expanded the programme but time simply ran out. Rescue has also allowed many courses to really embrace Operation Pollinator too removing coarse grasses and giving flowering plants an opportunity to thrive.

Rough before treatment in Ireland …… :

Rescue station untreated rough mr

……. And one-year-on after Rescue and with over seeding:

Rescue station result of treated rough after 1 year mr

Rescue is a niche product and due to it’s low sales volumes, limited market and ever tightening restrictions sadly it’s days are numbered. It can only be sold until the end of June, but the good news is it can still be used until the 30th June 2019. So there is still a window to utilise this great product over the next 12 months.

If you’re thinking of undertaking a Rescue based project and you want any advice please give me a call on 07483333964




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