Yellow Tuft anyone?

I’ve had a couple of phone calls and messages at the end of this week asking any idea what this is?


Well I’m pretty confident were looking at YellowTuft¬†which is a disease traditionally associated with cooler months and wetter areas on greens.image.png

A quick look at the greencast website to pull off some data shows it’s been anything but cool and damp for the last 5 weeks. The weather patterns we’ve had would normally be associated with Anthracnose, Dollar spot or nematode activity so it could be easily misdiagnosed.

The areas affected are tending to be in the lower lying wetter areas or greens, even if they are not wet now they tend to sit wetter through the winter months. I suspect that the lower lying or wetter areas of greens are far more susceptible to this problem and the combination of a wet spring followed by the regular watering that’s been needed this year to keep up with Evapotranspiration rates have caused a slightly exaggerated and earlier arrival than expected.

There is no chemical control for Yellow Tuft, the damage caused is fairly insignificant with only slight visual impact. It is however a really good indication of areas of greens that may have higher levels of organic matter that could be targeted during renovation weeks or poorly draining areas that could be earmarked for additional drainage works.

Sorry it’s not an instant solution but it is nature’s way of pointing out where additional work could help, it also helps to build your case for renovation and drainage works.

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