Mounting Microdochium Pressure

historic fuz hockley

As we move closer to the period of high disease pressure I’ve begun taking a look at the historical disease pressure in my area. 2017 shows disease pressure ramping up around the 10th┬áSeptember. Historically this is also the time when growth growth potential begins to slow and drop below the 60% mark and whilst growth continues it’s far less predictable with limited opportunities to grow back any damage, the clock is beginning to tick on growth.


As we move closer to the first days of September I’m also beginning to get reports of disease activity and see pictures like these being sent to me. Fusarium pressure seems to be a little earlier this year.

Lower quantities of Active ingredients in modern fungicides places ever more importance on an early start to fungicide programmes which will help keep disease populations down as we no longer have a high A.I contact available to knock down high disease populations.

I showed the below slide at a recent presentation I did to demonstrate how the amount of Active Ingredient in modern fungicides is significantly less than in older technology.


ai totals

This period is a key time for ensure you have a plan in place to go through the winter.

  • Take a look at the historical data on Greencast
  • Look at your historic fungicide applications to see when pressure is high on your site
  • Apply early – without High A.I contact fungicides available keeping disease populations low is the key to success.
  • Dew and moisture management at this time of year is really important


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