What to use?

We are now entering this period and whether your seeing outbreaks of fusarium or not the disease population will be growing during weather conditions that are suitable.

So what are the key drivers?

20180820_092745 (2)

  • Mild temperatures
  • Long periods of moisture allowing the disease to spread
  • Soft lush growth



We don’t really need a prediction model to recognise that we are entering these conditions although Greencast does a great job of highlighting it. The key message at this time of year is that the population is growing whether you like it or not. The longer you leave an application the higher the disease population will be and the harder the Fungicide will need to work to control it.

disease forecast

At this time of year growth is still strong however opportunities to grow out damaged turf are quickly reducing. The combination of current growth, increasing disease populations and reducing opportunities to recover damage is leading Turf managers to ask the question – What should I apply?

Well knowing spray opportunities in this wind are limited the first message is grab the opportunity to spray early when you get it.

The second message is that good growth requires a systemic fungicide

Thirdly our desire to reduce spore populations means an Anti-sporulant would be helpful.

banner medalion mix

In our Trial work we’ve seen great results using 2L Banner Maxx 2 at 2L/Ha tank mixed with Medallion at 1L/Ha.

This combination early can help control populations early and take you through this high pressure period clean.

Watching disease pressure through this period is very important – during high periods of pressure reducing spray windows to 14 days can help keep disease populations low. When the climatic pressure reduces a low disease population should allow us to extend the windows. Autumn is NOT the time to push the boundaries, keep things clean and use January, February and March to elongate application windows.


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