The last few weeks have been a little hectic as I’ve had the pleasure of undertaking my BASIS Certificate in Crop Protection (Amenity Horticulture)  This involves two weeks of study at the STRI followed by 2 days of intensive exams.

Whilst the course is primarily aimed at contractors, distributors and consultants If i’d realised how good the content was when I was a golf course manager I would have pushed harder to undertake it.


It’s in depth subject matter covers the following:

  • Impact of Amenity Activities on Biodiversity, the Environment and Water
  • Recognition, Biology and Control of Weeds
  • Recognition, Biology and Control of Pests
  • Recognition, Biology and Control of Diseases
  • Composition, Activity and Persistence of Pesticides
  • Application of Pesticides
  • Safe Use, Handling, Transport and Storage of Pesticides

It was also a great opportunity to meet and study with some new people in the industry and get a really good insight into their roles and perspective on the subject matter. The STRI delivered it very well and the depth of knowledge within the group only added to the learning experience.

Whilst studying for this I really haven’t committed the time to blogging that I would have liked too.  So fingers crossed I’ll get my cerificate soon (It’s been a long time since I had to wait for exam results!) and I’ll have a little more time to keep you updated on some of our activities.

So if you’re looking for some education outside of the normal to contribute to your personel development it’s expensive but well worth considering.

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