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Whilst visiting a course last week I was shown a great piece of simple trial work that has 20181116_132322really helped the golf course manager implement and communicate the value of his fungicide program

I’m doing some work at Corhampton Golf Club with some sensors which I’ll blog about in a few weeks when we have enough data. Whilst visiting I had a little look around and Iestyn the course manager showed me his “spare” green which gets used in the winter months whilst other holes have work being done on them. 


By leaving a quarter of this green out of his fungicide program Iestyn uses the level of Microdochium activity to assess the value of his fungicide program. By allowing the members to see this area whilst it is in play in the winter months he also gives his members the chance to see how things could look under a different management regime. 

Whilst I always used to use a “knock-out board” to check individual applications I haven’t seen an area this size left before and I think it’s a great way to communicate with the membership and assess the value you’re getting out of your programme.

Find out more about Microdochium and other turf diseases here.




3 thoughts on “Great idea for a trial plot

  1. Great idea well done . Unfortunately we do not have a spare green but it’s given me a few ideas .
    Only this morning I had to confront members standing on a frosty Green ( which is v rare here) with no clue of the damage they were doing . I should have shut the course . What chance they even recognize any disease but this is a really good way of communicating what we are all battling 👍⛳️

    1. Hi Chris, Hope it helps. IK think there is several ways of using this concept.

      I used a similar concept as a course manager for frosts. We had a play in all weather policy so I stopped golfers using the putting green in frosts to show them the improved surfaces we could achieve.


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