Turf Management – Measuring the Success of Your Fungicide Program

In my last blog, I wrote about a course manager who had left a section of his spare green out of his winter management program to assess the value of his program.

Turf Management 2018

This got me thinking – this is a great way to show:

  • How effective your management program is
  • Areas for potential improvment in your own program
  • Assess the financial value of the program
  • Communicate with members and explain the challenges
  • Establish the challenge of possible fungicide reduction

It’s a great way to asses a program and a great chance to collect some data to allow you to compare the amount of disease in the two sections of the green. Visually assesing the quantity of disease is the industry norm but I wanted something quick and easy to put a more accurate number on it.

So what percentage would you put on this section of unmanaged green?

I used the cover that I use for my trial plots which is 1 metre x 1 metre, marked spots at 10cm’s down the side then used a 1m bar with 10 spots on it. This was placed between the dots and any spots that landed on disease were recorded.Turf Management - Fungicide Program - Syngenta

Not as accurate as a quadrant test which is time consuming but the 100 spots in a 1 metre square is going to give a quick and objective measurement.

This can be used for any measurement:

  • Moss
  • Disease scaring
  • Grass species
  • Pitchmarks!!!!!

So todays results:

  • Managed area of the green: 1%
  • Unmanaged area of the green: 23% (How close did you get?)
  • Trial plot 1: 3%
  • Trial plot 2: 5%

23% Disease

Find out more about turf diseases and the products we supply to treat them on the Greencast website.

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