Turf Fungicide – 60 days cover?

Whilst on my travels I have a habit of collecting plugs in bags! This is one I collected on the 20th December which had recently had a fungicide applied to it.

Turf Management - Fungicide

My intention was to monitor it and assess what longevity of fungicide cover we got from the application.

Well 60 days later it’s still clean, a little senescance, a little weak and elongated but still clean.

This is something that is replicated in trials this Ireland (we’ll present these trial results later in the year) where we got fantastic longevity in some high-pressure conditions.

So how can we achieve this in high humidity, moist conditions, reduced light inside a bag with no air flow but we cant in the field?

Is it because:

  • Moisture levels are so high it’s saturated?
  • No maintenance practices to remove fungicide?
  • No golfer traffic?
  • We went through the challenging Autumn period very clean
  • Good fungicide longevity?

Once again more questions than answers – it does however tie in with some of the feedback I’ve had this year that greens that sit wetter have been under less disease pressure. Counter-intuitive I know but something to watch.

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