Record temperature highs – what’s going on in the soil?

As we get close to the end of another record-breaking month for weather and seeing a lot of greens renovation pictures on Twitter I thought I’d post up some of the soil and moisture temperatures I’ve been recording just to show how air temps and soil temps continue to mirror each other.

Soil temperatures and moisture levels
Air temperatures, Rainfall and Snow

Despite the lower overnight temperatures and some ground frosts the soil temperatures have remained fairly high tracking between 4 and 12 degrees for the last 20 days. Once again I’m still surprised at just how closely the soil temps at 50mm track the Air Temperatures.

A wise person recently said to me – Data is useless unless you act upon it. So how does this data help decision making?

  1. Having records like this will probably prove there are opportunities every year to successfully renovate outside of the normal windows
  2. Can this highlight opportunities to feed to encourage recovery?
  3. Help understand the interaction between soil temps and available light
  4. Knowing when to start Primo Maxx programs
  5. Assist timing of wetting agent programs

On Point 4. Knowing we’ve had a dry winter I would be very conscious of making sure wetting agent programmes are in place early this year. Without this Data, I’d be tempted to start now. However, seeing the moisture levels hold steady at 35% I wouldn’t jump yet. I would, however, have your product of choice on the shelf ready to go as soon as you see that moisture content dropping of its own accord.

Ensuring the profile doesn’t become hydrophobic through the early spring is an essential piece of the puzzle in taking good roots into the summer.

After all we know the temperatures are there, we’re monitoring the light so we know we’re entering periods of good photosynthesis, don’t let moisture be the limiting factor – It will sneak up on us.

Use the Greencast weather app to check everything from the weekly forecast and turf disease pressure.

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