Winchester to Inverness – extreme light differences and the impact on Turf

Whilst scrolling through Twitter on this unseasonably sunny February day I came across this Tweet from @British_wx showing the sunshine hours for the 25th February.

The dramatic difference in sunshine hours across the country got me thinking about the extremes of light and the role it has in photosynthesis.

  • Winchester 19 DLI
  • Inverness 9 DLI

Remember in my last blog on light I was talking about aiming to reach 30 DLI so Bent grass can produce enough energy to grow. Winchester is still falling well short and Inverness has a long, long way to go. Although the temperatures may be there is light the handbrake on growth?

That’s all before you introduce shade – I’m still working on these figures still but here are my best guesses

If you look like this (thanks for the picture Jon Merchant @Walsall_Greens) then I’d say your at 40% shade

  • Winchester 13 DLI
  • Inverness 6 DLI

If your shade looks like this I’d say that is around 70% shade so now it’s

  • Winchester 11 DLI
  • Inverness 5 DLI

And if you look like this which I’d say is 85% shade then it’s

  • Winchester 3 DLI
  • Inverness 1 DLI

Or in other words a very long way from succesfully growing Bent.

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