Greenkeeping and Golf Courses – Renovation Challenges

I had the pleasure of visiting 3 golf courses recently – all of whom have undertaken greens maintenance operations of some sort.

As I travel around talking to people about their disease management programmes, challenges and successes I think I’m beginning to see a correlation between August renovation weeks and high levels of fungicide use. This springs operations have given me the chance to have a look under the microscope and see what’s going on.

Now, I know why August is a prime month:

  • Quick recovery
  • School holidays so potentially less golf
  • Guaranteed temperatures

I also know the value of a good renovation process in the right situation and how it can move conditions forward.

Autumn is such an important time to keep disease pressure at an absolute minimum to ensure we take greens through the winter period clean – the question I’m beginning to ask myself is – Does August renovations and the aggressive nature of it have the potential kickstart our disease challenges?

Let me know – what do you think? Does all that Verticutting, brushing, topdressing, additional fertiliser and watering in antagonise disease activity? Worth thinking about?

Have you seen a correlation between greens renovation and disease activity?

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