Seed to Soil contact

I had the great pleasure of visiting Duncan and Iestyn at Corhampton this week so we could put together an article on the award wining Operation Pollinator work they’re doing.

We were discussing the amazing chalk scrapes that they’ve done and talking about the best method of getting wildflower seed to germinate in these this spring.

Mike Edwards, the ecologist who helps us out, suggested using a ring roller to get the best seed to soil (or chalk) contact. We looked at each other trying to work out where we’d get hold of one when we noticed this.

With no access to a ring roller an excavator may well prove to be the next best thing.

With so many people out there putting spring seed out at the moment – this example reminded me of the importance of seed to soil contact. If you’re out overseeding at the moment don’t forget this simple lesson whilst trying to get the best out of your investment.

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