Gower Blaze – Pretty Frightening

Photos from WalesOnline

My weekend in Gower in South Wales with the family was interrupted a little by some pretty frightening gorse fires.

Now South Wales isn’t renowned for its dry weather and whilst the commons are regularly burnt in a controlled manner out of bird nesting season to see something on this scale first hand was pretty frightening.

This got me thinking, how dry has it been in this area this year? And true enough it’s been the Driest Mid March to Mid April in the last 10 years.

During this period it only seems to have appeared in one lump of rain at the beginning of April. The above chart shows the accumulative rainfall for the period.

Photos from WalesOnline

So how is this period effecting turfgrass? Cold dry springs are notoriously tough to present the desired surfaces – even tougher if your recovering from renovations. The temperatures have the potential to turn this week, don’t let the low moisture contents be the limiting factor to growth.

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