Acelepryn: 7 Steps to Success – Timing

Last years emergency approval for Acelepryn gave me the opportunity to spend time with many turf managers who’ve successfully used the product and gave me a chance to understand how to get the best out of it.

The challenges involved with applying a preventative insecticide are obvious. If applied and the target pest comes late or not at all then product has been at best less effective at worse – simply wasted.

The best results seen where when the turf managers waited untill the target pest had been seen.

Expectation Management – Accelepryn, if applied correctly, will reduce the population by 90% – it’s really important to understand your population levels. Acelepryn will only be effective on Instars 1 and 2, timing is critical, ensure you contribute and keep an eye on the PestTracker for advice on timings.

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