Acelepryn: 7 Steps to Success – Water Volume and Application

Getting the best out of Acelepryn is really important. The application rates in modern approved products are very low and whilst the Active Ingredients are incredibly effective there is very little margin of error built in as there has been in the past.

To ensure you get the most from your acelepryn application it’s important to use the right nozzle. The XC 08’s are designed to help the product hit the leaf with force and bounce off into the lower areas of the sward without sticking to the leaf. Anything stuck and dried to the leaf will prove troublesome for water to wash off into the rootzone where it is desired.

Getting water volumes right is important too. We recommend a minimum of 600l/Ha of water. On my visits, I’ve encountered turf managers applying as low as 300l/Ha and being surprised when the product hasn’t given them the control they wanted. There is no danger of going to high with water volume with this product – if possible I’d go at 1000l/Ha but NEVER lower than 600l/Ha.

Remember once the product is dried on the leaf its chances of reaching the target area are significantly reduced.

Application pressure is vitally important. Remember to stay within the recommended pressure range. Too low and the coverage will be uneven, too high and the product is likely to be lost as drift.

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