Acelepryn: 7 Steps to Success – Wetting Agent

I get a number of questions when I visit clubs about applying Acelepryn with wetting agents.

The Active Ingredient in Acelepryn is VERY slow to move through the profile. In fact, all modern pesticides need to be either very quick at degrading or very slow at moving through the soil profile so they reduce the risk of reaching watercourses.

My advice is pretty simple, if you have hydrophobic soils that won’t take water then ensure you add a good quality wetting agent to get the best out of Acelepryn. If you’re already on a good wetting agent program and your soil profile is performing as required then there is no need to apply additional wetters.

As for a recommendation – the only product we have completed thorough compatibility tests with is Qualibra but when talking to your BASIS registered advisor ask them for there advice.

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