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All last year I was telling people how the Tipula Oleracae was a fairly rare species and the only Cranefly species we had to really worry about was the Paludosa.

Well once again, I was wrong and true to form the more I learn the less I really I know.

So what’s the difference? The Oleracae hatches twice a year (Early summer and Late summer) and the Paludosa hatches once a year (Late summer).

Some data gathered in our Pest Tracker (click here to go straight to it) shows the uncommon Oleracae is more abundant than we realised.

Thank you to all of those who let us know where they’ve seen them.

How is this helpful?

Well. It’s already proving to me the value of data.

Previously I don’t think we paid enough attention to the details of the lifecycle of these damaging insects. But with the loss of products that give easy and curative control, we will have to get much better at monitoring species, timings and climatic impact so we can get the very best out of the products we have.

So here’s my request.

If you’re involved in turf and you see any of the damaging insects that we suffer with in the UK, please visit it on our PestTracker.

Even if they are not causing you issues on your site. The more we can understand the problem the better chance we have of managing it.

All you need to tell us is a) what is the insect and b) where you saw it. Simple.

Tell us about your pests now, visit the Syngenta Pest Tracker < Tap Here on the logo below.

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