Acelepryn Application Window

With a few more Chafer sightings come in over the weekend and some rain on the horizon. If you are targeting Chafer Grubs then Friday the 7th June is a good time to apply Acelepryn in the South where sightings of Chafer have been recorded.

There have been fewer sightings the further North you go so this recommendation is for the South and areas of the Midlands only. If we were in a normal rainfall year I would be waiting a little longer and in irrigated areas I’d certainly be waiting.

The current forecast is for a period of wetter weather which will help move the Acelepryn in the the area of the rootzone it is needed to have an impact, Rainfall is never guaranteed so keep an eye on the forecast as a good amount of rainfall prior and after application improves the products efficacy.

In other areas we are still waiting for target insects on the wing and rainfall.

Keep the sightings coming in – they are a key part of being able to offer this advice.

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