It’s starting – the Cranefly Hatch Season

September 2019. We are now entering the beginning of the big Cranefly hatch season.

The last two weeks have seen the Cranefly sightings beginning to increase. During the summer months we saw a slow trickle of sightings on the Syngenta Pest Tracker but I feel we are now entering the beginning of the big hatch season.

Last year in the south we saw the main hatch around the 20th September and it’ll be interesting to see if the different climatic conditions we had this year will have an impact on the timings of the flight patterns.

Remember this years Acelepryn Emergency Authorisation runs out on the 30th September so timing of application is important. If you’ve had any historical issues with cranefly and leather jackets Acelepryn will help to significantly reduce the population.

If by the second week of September you haven’t seen the large hatch we are expecting it’s worth looking for a good spray window to get the Acelepryn into the target area. Even if you’re a couple of weeks early you will still get the product into the rootzone where the young LeatherJackets will come in contact with it when they do arrive.

And obviously I’ll keep you up to date with any devolopments right here on the blog.

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