PestTracker Autumn hatch

We’ve had a great response to the Syngenta PestTracker data collection project this year. Everyone who has contributed – Thank you.

Whilst it has some limitations:

  • Only enthused turf managers entering data
  • Data concentrated to areas with higher levels of turf managers / Managed turf facilities
  • Accuracy of how many times the data is entered

The real value of this program is looking at the hatching patterns of Craneflys and looking for some kind of correlation between climate and timings of the hatch.

Any future control measures for Cranefly and Leatherjacket will be highly dependent on timing and this data gathering exercise will be incredibly useful once we have 2 or 3 years of data under our belts.

Although we have limited data available to us, we can already begin to see a few patterns emerge. And those patterns are incredibly valuable for turf management.

It would appear that last Autumns dry period correlates loosely with the Spring hatch and this Autumns hatch seems to have started on the East side of the country first.

We’re a long way from having enough data to confirm some genuine patterns but it’s a start. Thank you everyone for helping out – keep it going I’ll be interested to see what happens next – Will we see a hatch in the south East? Will it come later? How much later? Who knows – not me, I’ve given up trying to make predictions.

Keep logging those craneflies!

Log your sightings, click here > Syngenta Pest Tracker for Craneflys

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