Know your areas

Whilst we’re in this wet period and ground conditions aren’t allowing you to get out on the course as much as you’d like – this is a useful exercise to do.

Using Google Earth you can check the areas of your playing surfaces. Most courses have a pretty good idea of the area they are spraying and are confident in their application. Many now have auto-rate sprayers that will tell them the area they have sprayed.

Using this method to double check back is a really good way to confirm you have it correct though. What always amazes me is how different two ways of measuring a green can be.

If you measure it by simply using the perimeter shape you’ll get one number but if you measure it as you would spray you can add on up to 20%.

The above video shows the area starting at 550m2 and finishing at 637m2 a massive 16% increase. Only an experienced spray operator will fully understand the routes and angles they need to spray greens – so it’s worth getting them to do it.

If you’re getting this bit wrong (even if you’re getting everything else absolutely 100%) you could be under applying product by 16% – with less margin for error built into these products now it’s probably worth taking some time out to see how close you are.

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