River Flows – November / December

It’s been a while since I updated the river flow maps. The last one I did was September which was incredibly dry for most until the last week and it doesn’t feel like the rain has stopped since then.

The beauty of these maps is they show how despite the whole of the UK being wet, the picture is slightly different when compared to the average rainfall for that period.

December will be very interesting as in the South it has felt wetter than I ever remember – we’ll see if the figures support that?

So what’s that all done to the river flows?

Spending the time doing this has really clarified the challenges for me. We continue to move into a challenging climate and water will be a limited resource. Not because we don’t get enough in the UK (we get plenty) but managing the peaks and flows. Collecting water in the wet periods for use in the dry periods is becoming ever more important.

As always the info for this maps comes from The EA river flow reports and the Met Office actual and anomaly maps two brilliant resources for help explain to your clubs the challenges we face and the ones that lie ahead.

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