Snow on it’s way?

As we move into what seems like the first bit of cold weather for a while and I see the met office are forecasting some snow, I thought I’d put a quick reminder out of the benefits of using Medallion and pull out a couple of snow cover trials we’ve done.

The Active Ingredient in Medallion is now become a really important part of disease management and turf care strategy throughout the season. But as a single Active Ingredient It really comes into its own in cold conditions.

The above 2008 trial gave us 100% protection over a 60 day period during which the trial was under snow cover for around 5 weeks. Disease pressure reached 35% at the final assessment.

Norway over winter programme –

We do several snow trials in Norway where we are faced with the annual challenge of recovering turf quality in the spring. The above trial was two applications of Medallion on the 16th October and 8th November and is a turf quality score. You can see the higher quality coming out of the snow cover leading to a faster spring recovery.

Fingers crossed we just go into a hard, cold and dry period – I think that’s the break everyone needs.

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