Working by yourself? This trick could make you safer…

I said I’d try post some useful things over the next couple of weeks and after setting this up for a friend today I thought I’d share it with you as it may prove handy at the moment.

Talking to a lot of Course managers and distribution at the moment and there is a whole range of variations in how teams are dealing with the current situation.

I know of several clubs that have had to drop to one member of staff on the course at the moment. I always felt uncomfortable with an individual on the course alone, it worried me as a course manager and it worries me now. I always had some pretty strict lone worker policies in place incase it happened and I’d urge you to think through your situation and do the same.

I spent hours looking for lone worker apps to ensure my team was safe but today I stumbled across a neat little trick in Google that could help.

By using Google maps in your phone you can quite easily share your location with anyone you choose – which is something I’d currently insist on if a member of my team was by themselves (which I’d try to avoid but these are difficult times).

Go into Google maps on your phone click on the account logo in the top right corner.

Click on the location sharing option.

Set the time to when you want to stop sharing your location (I’d suggest an hour after finish time). Then use either Messenger or Whatsapp to share your location.

This will then send a link to whoever you invite who can monitor your movement for the period you set.

As you can see – my Mum and my wife are both in there house and don’t appear to have moved all day!!

This may be a feature you are well aware of in which case – sorry for wasting your time. I’m no H&S expert and I’d always advise to have at least two people in but if you are in a position where you just have one person this little trick may mean your lone worker policy is a little stronger at no additional cost.

Stay Safe

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