How will you use your Primo?

When Primo Maxx was launched it was primarily as a plant growth regulator. However, now Primo Maxx has established itself in peoples turf management programmes, over the years it has essentially been used to improve putting surfaces and turf quality, rather than simply suppress growth.

Particularly on greens, at the low rates used, I’d challenge anyone to name a better value for money product than Primo, outside basic nutrition, for improving turf quality, plant health and playing surfaces.

It’s not until you get out into larger areas and higher rates, that the costs start to become a challenge to squeeze into pressured budgets.

This bottle brings back memories!

In today’s new era of tighter budgets, potentially less staff and seemingly more golf, it suggested to us that it was worth revisiting the benefits of Primo Maxx II as a pure growth regulator.

We’ve also introduced a 20 litre container, so the advantages of Primo Maxx II for large areas are more cost effective than ever.

There has been so much work done on Primo over the years I’ve had a look through some of the old presentations and pulled out a few of the summary slides from the trial work that has been done over the years. I’ve included them as I love a bit of nostalgia.

One of the things we found was a fairways savings Calculator that we have re-vamped, re-costed and put on GreenCast. It’s a useful tool to show how by reducing mowing operations you can have a knock on effect of reducing labour and wear and tear on machines.

The challenge with this concept in the past was that as an industry (and I include myself here – did I mention I looked after turf once?!?!) we choose to take the benefits of Primo and use them to increase turf quality rather than reduce / control / redirect costs.

By having a play with the calculator you can really start drilling down into the amount of labour that can be reallocated to other tasks around the course. It also enables you to take a good look at the impact of reducing mowing on the longevity of machinery. I hear a lot of people talking about the pressure they are under to control machinery replacement programmes.

Having a good understanding of the impact of all of these factors could help you make some good decisions for your club.

Now in this new era how will you choose to use your Primo?

Use our Primo Maxx Calculator to get an estimate of what your golf club could save on fairway maintenance. Just click here. It’s really easy to use.

Confused about what you hear about Primo Maxx – here are the Primo Myths – BUSTED.

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