Cranefly update September week 4

Thanks Dan @ Newquay – one of about 100 hatching images I’ve received this week – keep em coming.

The last week of september 2019 was the peak of the Cranefly hatch with over 100 reported sightings.

2020 reported sightings are up but I’m still unclear if we’ve seen the peak.

As far as Acelepryn applications go – As long as you’ve seen activity then now is the time, look for the next best spray day and go for it. If you haven’t already it’s worth reading this Blog for application advice……

From a data gathering exercise – really sorry but I’m going to keep pestering you. Keep logging sightings on PestTracker. The more data we gather the more we can learn about the challenge ahead of us.

Reported sightings are up on 2020 but this was last year’s biggest week. Then things dropped off quickly. I’m really interested to see if that happens again.

I’ve desperately looked for patterns in the reported sightings with very little obvious showing. Talking to people on the ground it feels it’s much more site specific than area of the country specific.

Citizen science projects like this have some flaws but overall it’s an incredibly useful project.

One of the flaws is the perceived dominance in the centre of the country, however when you look at the Blog readership you see a very similar pattern. This reflects the dominance of golf courses in different areas of the country rather than the amount of cranefly.

Greencast advisory blog readership – Yep google knows everything!

Which begs the question – if a Cranefly flies but no-one saw it – did it ever really fly?

Keep logging and we’ll have a better idea.


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