Surely it’s over?

Cranefly. We’ve only had a few reported sightings this last couple of weeks which reflects exactly the same pattern as 2019.

The additional work in gaining an extended period of Emergency Authorisation for Acelepryn now feels worth it. The last day to purchase product is gone and you are right at the end of the period of what we suspect is the optimum application window too.

So don’t wait until you’re outside of the Emergency Authorisation date when you’d need to get it professionally disposed of, apply it NOW. Application tips here….

Citizen data gathering exercises like this rely on your input, the more you give the better the results.

So keep logging if you see any Cranefly at PestTracker.

Looking at 2 years of Autumn data now it looks to me the hatch pattern finishes in later in the South.

Which to me suggests the hatch is temperature related? Year on year we’ll gather more data and see if that pattern continues.



Any Oleracea yet???

One final sign off note:

I’ve only learnt to ID these this year and don’t claim to be an expert however……..

I only think I’ve seen Tipula paludosa anywhere I’ve been or in any images I’ve seen on social media.

The Oleracea species is supposed to hatch in the Spring and then again in the Autumn at the same time as the Paludosa. But I’ve not seen any.

That could mean:

  • They hatch at another time
  • They don’t have a 6 month lifecycle as I believed
  • Numbers are low and not noticable
  • Or I’m very bad at ID’ing.

All of the above are very possible – lots to learn

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