Application Quiz – Droplet size

We’ve worked with ICL to develop an Online quiz (link here) to help support you guys and girls out there spraying – in this blog series I intend to go through each question, give you an in depth answer and a few useful links.

Finer droplets will lead to….

  • More liquid remaining on the leaf and increased drift
  • Less liquid remaining on the leaf and increased drift
  • More liquid on leaf and reduced drift
  • Less liquid on the leaf and increased drift

Choosing a nozzle and pressure that delivers finer droplets will lead to better deposition of product onto the leaf and reduce the runoff towards the soil. However it will also increase the risk of drift, this also means reduced product reaching target and increased risk of spray ending up in non-target areas. Ensure the correct nozzle and pressure is chosen to achieve both product efficacy but limits the risk of drift.

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