Application Quiz – When to replace?

We’ve worked with ICL to develop an Online quiz (link here) to help support you guys and girls out there spraying – in this blog series I intend to go through each question, give you an in depth answer and a few useful links.

How often should you replace nozzles?

  • When a jug test indicates they are no longer performing
  • Every year
  • Every 25 spray applications
  • When they have delivered 40,000 litres of water

Nozzles should be regularly jug tested to ensure they are delivering the output stated on the nozzle chart. Jug test for one minute at a set pressure and then compare the output to the manufacturer’s nozzle charts. If the nozzles are delivering more than stated then this is due to nozzle wear, if that nozzle wear is greater than 10% then the standard recommendation is to replace them.

In fine turf working with the critical margins we do we would recommend replacing at 5% wear.

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