June 2021 FAQ


Chafer activity has really boomed through the end of June 2021 – a good three to four weeks behind 2019 and 2020. Lots of reported sightings on PestTracker – please keep them coming.

Here’s a blog on my best practise advice for getting the most out of Acelepryn over the next couple of weeks.

Also you might want to take a look at my 7 steps to success whilst using Acelepryn….. it’s well worth a read whilst planning your application.


As always June was full of conversations about leatherJackets, lots of people asking about best practice to reduce the scale challenges they have faced this year. Mays cold weather disappeared around the last weekend and since then we’ve been in decent growing conditions so for most the problem has been put to bed for now.

I’ve tried to answer as many questions directly as I can, but I’m still pulling together a best practise plan based on what we’ve learned to date. So watch this space for that.

I have been asked to talk at the “Emergency Summit looking at control of leatherjackets using Integrated Pest Management” click here for details … that will shed some light on what the future of managing this challenge looks like.

Dollar spot

The weather conditions through the beginning of June were optimum for Dollar spot development with the Smith-Kerns-model show some petty high pressure, I put this blog together and since then the temperatures have dropped! However humidity is the biggest drive of this problem so for some it is still very relevant.

Dollar spot FAQ’s

Managing Dollar spot

Managing heat stress

It feels almost laughable that 2 weeks ago we were all worried about heat and drought stress, unlike now where people (particularly down South) are more concerned with fixing washed out paths and bunkers whilst pushing water of off greens.

The challenge has shifted to humidity and managing disease but we still have July and August ahead of us and you don’t need to look too far to see record breaking high temperatures. Whilst we’re not seeing them now, the likelihood is we will see them again soon.

Managing heat stress blog


Cold slow start the the season, Hot and dry early June followed by wet conditions whilst everyone is trying to present the course at its best for club championships and local events. That all sound like a strong equation for Anthracnose if we’re not careful.

That subject has been central to many conversations that Henry and I have had in our “On the horizon” podcast. Well worth a listen if it’s a challenge you struggle with.

Click here to listen to “On the horizon with Glenn and Henry”

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