July 2021 – What to expect

The FAQ blogs have been running for over a year now and it gives us a really good opportunity to look back at the challenges people were facing and try and get ahead of the game. After all forewarned is forearmed, heres July 2020’s FAQS

And here’s a summary

Red Thread – I’ve seen a lot of that about already in 2021.

Firstly – up the nutrition, red thread is more prevalent in areas of weak turf, it likes high rainfall to which is why you’ll often see it in tee banks that pick up the additional irrigation that is overthrown from the tees.

If it’s not something you’re prepared to tolerate than Instrata Elite has a label recommendation for this particular challenge.

Anthracnose – I spoke a little about Anthracnose in my June FAQ blog, I suspect we’ve had a perfect storm throughout this spring and we may well see some quite damaging Anthracnose creep up on us in July.

We have a few tools in our portfolio that can help us through this period – Heritage, Instrata Elite and FR321 will all do a good job, if you get in early enough. It’s a slow disease that will fester away and once you see it it will have already infected a number of other plants. At that stage a fungicide will only ring fence the uninfected plants so prevention is the best strategy.

Primo Maxx II application windows – for greens applications we have two choices here, use the greencast GDD calculator and set thresholds for 200 GDD at a base temp of 0c link here…..

or stick with the simple method

  • Cool weather – every 4 – 5 weeks
  • Warm weather – every 10 – 14 days (this period of the year)
  • In the middle – In the middle

Festival of turf – It’s been a challenging year but at last we have an event to see people face to face. I’m very much looking forward to seeing some friendly faces and if you can’t join us then the Hicure run club is back so at least we can all get together digitally. Check the run club out here….. Festival of turf info here…..

Emergency Summit for integrated management of leatherjackets – I’ve been invited to speak at the emergency leatherjacket summit on the 14th July, which should help clarify the picture a little of what leatherjacket management programmes may look like in the future. Link here for more details……

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