Aeration trial – get involved

I’m looking for some help now.

I need as many people as possible to commit to a trial looking at the implication of aeration on leatherjackets and

the putting surface.

Quick note: You can listen this to this article as a Podcast – just the play button below.

It’s pretty simple and will involve the following:

Split a putting green down into 3 sections

On one third – resist the temptation to run any aertion over it for the winter

On one third – Aerate with your full aeration program until Christmas

On one third – continue as normal.

In the Spring we will ask you if you’ve seen any activity and if the damage is worse or better in the diferent plots.

You don’t even need to use Acelepryn – this is a trial to understand the impact of Aeration and we’ll split out the different management styles when we present the data.

If it’s something you think you can help with then please email me at The more people who get involved – the more powerful this is.

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