Cranefly: be patient and keep logging!

Lots and lots of feedback now on Cranefly emergence and it’s great to see so many people looking for hatch cases on the greens to really understand where these things come from, let’s hope we can maintain this level of attention to detail and really learn and understand the lifecycle this winter.

Looking at the PestTracker data that’s coming in it certainly feels like we started a good 10 days earlier this year and it looks like we’ll peak a little earlier too.

Understanding the peak was the toughest thing about timing Acelepryn applications in the past, after all – when do you know when the peak is?? It’s impossible to tell until after the event.

Whilst it was great to see we had improved results from a later application (check that out here…) the other big win was that in no situation did we see later timings detract from the efficacy of the product.

In summary:

Be patient and wait until they have all stopped emerging and looking at previous years that’s a few weeks away yet!

One month after peak flight gave the best results in our trial and that’s probably not until Mid October even if the hatch slows down now but I suspect theres a few weeks left before its time to apply your acelepryn.

Take the time now to ensure you sprayer is fully prepped for this application.

  • White Nozzles
  • 2 – 3 bar
  • As high a water volume as you can get (yes this means a slower forward speed)
  • Plenty of water – straight behind application
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Keep logging that flight pattern on PestTracker – It really helps

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