State of Dragonflies 2021

I couldn’t help myself – I felt this brilliant piece of work on the state of Dragonflies was worth sharing.

I spend a lot of time talking to people about the seeming increase in Cranefly populations that we are seeing. This document does a great job at looking at how some insects are really benefiting at the moment from the milder climate, increased habitat creation work that takes place.

This document does a far better job of communicating the challeneges that insects face and nuances of why some species thrive and other will struggle.

Find the full document here … >

I you’re interested in this subject I fully recommend you take the time out to read it, It’s much easier to digest when youre reading about the subject of increased insects when its associated with a positive outcome too.

You’ll need to read through it to get the full picture but there are strong correlations with Climate conditions and additional habitat.

I also couldn’t help noting the similarities between the species richness map for the dragon fly over recent years and the significant damage map from our leatherjacket survey. Which can be found here…….

Golf courses reporting significant loss of turf from LeatherJacket damage

State of Dragonflies in Britain and Ireland 2021. British Dragonfly Society, Old Weston, Huntingdon.

Taylor, P., Smallshire, D., Parr, A.J., Brooks, S.J., Cham, S.A., Colver, E.F., Harvey, M., Hepper, D., Isaac, N.J.B., Logie, M.W., McFerran, D., McKenna, F., Nelson, B. & Roy, D.B. 2021.

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