November 2021 – FAQs

Acelepryn – whens it going to rain?

Most of November’s conversations have been about ensuring Acelepryn applications have gone down in the best way possible.

Many people took on our advice and aimed to apply Acelepryn around one month after peak flight (this year around the end of October / beginning of November) and rightly assumed there would be no shortage of rain events to help move it in!

November delivered very little rain compared to usual and once the month is over I’ll pull some data together to look at how unusual it really was.

Many people didn’t like my answer – which was to fire up the irrigation system again! A pretty unusual statement for November but ensuring the Acelepryn is applied well and washed off the leaf will help to get the best out of it and this year we had a deadline with the Emergency authorisation ending at the end of November.

My dew control product doesn’t last long!

We don’t sell any dew control products so I have no agenda here, during these Autumn periods, when temperatures are in that perfect Microdochium range, moisture becomes a huge driver for disease.

Breaking that moisture cycle is a great way to reduce disease pressure which will help improve putting surfaces, reduce fungicide usage and/or give you better results.

Just because you only get a few days out of them that doesn’t mean it wasn’t useful. These products are coating the leaf and rolling moisture off.

So whilst you still may need to run a dew brush over your greens the benefits of them is still there. The fact that dew is rolling off the leaf means it’s tougher for the disease to spread its hyphae out to infect the next plant through the static dew that would probably be there otherwise.

It’s impossible to have no leaf moisture, guttation will still be taking place and the air will still release moisture at the dew point, it’s just what speed will it roll-off.

Read more here…..

Yes they are more effective on day 1 than day 5 but that doesn’t mean they’re not doing a job for you on day 7.

If I were managing a course again now, even if I had a dew control product down I think I’d still commit some time to remove dew. From a disease reduction point of view – the more aggressively the better – Rolling, brushing all good – however you need to recognise the wear being imparted. The physical disruption of the fungal hyphae all helps slow its progress.

How cold has it been?

In our Podcast Henry and I talk about how the weather is getting milder but this year felt a little different. So I took a look at the numbers – in short, whilst it’s not been mild in 2021 – it hasn’t been cold either – take a look here.


This one caught me out a bit as it’s pretty unusual for November so I took a look at the numbers. You can find that here.

Since Snow is far more likely in Jan and Feb, I’m working on some best practice advice on that now but in the meantime, here’s something I did a couple of years back on the same subject.

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