The 2022 LeatherJacket Craze

2021 was the year my inbox was overloaded with images of people sheeting greens.

2022 is the year people send me pictures and videos of leatherjackets on marathon journeys!

I spoke a lot last Autumn about the ability for these things to travel some distance, I suspected they could do 10 meters a night if the travelled in a straight line.

Turns out, some of you listened and are seeing some evidence in the dew to support that idea.

Check out the dew trails below.

May be an image of grass
Andy Hardings Photo of a LeatherJacket Marathon
Neil Faubel at East Herts sent me this one

This is just confirmation for me that it doesn’t matter how good a job we do in the Autumn with our preventative LeatherJacket management strategies, Leatherjackets can and will redistribute themselves between October and Spring. In order to present high quality turf in the difficult Spring months we need some strategies for the Spring.

That is still a hole in our armory – Fingers crossed for some good growing conditions soon.

Cranefly hatch reports are beginning to come in. Read about them here.

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