June FAQs 2022

Chafers Lots of questions about chafer ID’s this month – the Welsh Chafer seems to have been a particular favorite in my Whatsapp inbox this month. That could be a climatic thing or an unfamiliarity thing. Not sure? PestTracker sightings for Chafer have been particularly low this year but followed the normal pattern, the timings… Read More June FAQs 2022

Greenkeepers, De-Stress Over Anthracnose

Anthracnose appears to be an increasing issue, resulting in more serious effects, over an extended season. Turf Science in Action The Anthracnose pathogen itself is relatively weak and, even when present throughout the season, healthy plants are reasonably able to withstand infections. The problems arise when plants are weakened by stress or injury and less… Read More Greenkeepers, De-Stress Over Anthracnose