Anthracnose – lessons learnt

Last year we undertook a trial at the STRI to understand the best use of FR321 and Hicure in programmes to reduce and control Anthracnose.

This is a challenging disease that if poorly managed can run away from us later in the season.

During this high disease pressure period I thought it was worth revisiting to see what we learnt……

Lesson 1.

Using Hicure at 10l/ha in 14 day preventative programme during the summer season will reduce anthracnose pressure.

In this trial it was only effective whilst applying. As soon as we stopped the pressure increased

Lesson 2.

Using FR321 as a Curative application will reduce Anthracnose pressure

In this trial we saw great knockdown effects from the FR321 combination but saw pressure return later in the year. The red stars represent statistically strong results and they are lost at the end of the trial.

Lesson 3.

A programme of Hicure during the stressful period of the season and an FR321 curative application gave best control later in the season after applications had finished

The statistically strong results remained when the combination was used.


Curative anthracnose strategies are always a challenge and preventative strategies are always more effective.

An application of an amino acid type such as Hicure at regular application intervals during the stress season coupled with FR321 if pressure spikes proved to provide best season long control (if preventative opportunities have passed).

Further work

We replicated this trial this season and looked at more preventative strategies – The pressure is now ramping up. I look forward to reporting our findings back.

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