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Welcome to our new blog here at Syngenta Turf UK, called Greencast Advisory.

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Both myself, Glenn Kirby, as the Syngenta Technical Manager for Turf & Landscape, and Business Manager, Daniel Lightfoot, will be writing regular blogs on topics we hope will help you as golf and sports turf managers.

We have both been involved in the turf care industry for many years, and both held positions as Course Managers – myself at Hockley Golf Club near Winchester and Daniel at Bearwood Lakes in Berkshire. We  wanted to create a technical and social bulletin which pushes information which might be interesting, useful or perfect for you, or someone you know.

It’s great to work together to develop new ideas and solutions for the industry. We get to see so many amazing things in turf research and turf care here that we really felt we could bring something new and vibrant to the turf industry.

If it is useful, that’s great. If you would like to see something specific, or focus on a particular topic, please let us know.

Hopefully those who are reading it will all have similar goals in common and it can help create some debate and spark some synergistic development that will help the turf industry. If it can just help the information flow, then great.

Please be aware that these are our personal views, comments and ideas on current issues facing turf managers and do not constitute a recommendation from Syngenta. But it’s designed to be fun and interactive, so do please let us know what you think and what you want to discuss.

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Regards, Glenn Kirby & Daniel Lightfoot

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