Anthracnose – Frequently Asked Questions?

What is anthracnose? Anthracnose (Colletotrichum graminicola ) is a turf disease pathogen that can affect turf across the UK and Ireland. It is typically viewed as the second most common turf disease, after microdochium patch. Anthracnose can affect all turf species but is most prevalent on Poa and Fescue grasses. The pathogen can result in two types… Read More Anthracnose – Frequently Asked Questions?

Fairy Rings

The term ‘fairy ring’ is used to describe a number of turf grass diseases where soil-borne fungi cause certain symptoms to develop on the surface of the sward.  Fairy rings are caused by the activity of many fungi classified as basidiomycetes. Not all basidiomycete fungi cause fairy rings but all fairy rings are caused by… Read More Fairy Rings