Anthracnose season – Resources

Here we are again, moving into September and just when we were through Anthracnose season - the phone starts ringing again!

Anthracnose always catches me out at this time of year - I don't know why I let it surprise me but it always does.

This is something myself and Henry have spent alot of time talking about this year and if you haven't heard us yet - you can find it here ...

If you can't find what you're looking for here then you might want to take a look at my latest anthracnose blogs -

Anthracnose - Why are we here again?

Anthracnose - I've tried everything!

Between Syngenta and ICL we've put heaps together on this in the past so I thought it might be useful to pull those resources together for you in one place.

And here are some more really useful articles and information about Anthracnose.

Anthracnose on a Knife Edge

Anthracnose Turf Disease - Technical Information

How to get ahead of Anthracnose

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